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Expanding Intellectual Boundaries


Academic is the foundation of learning through classes. Aside from learning new culture, language and immersion through travel, students have the opportunity to enroll in various academic classes to expand and enrich knowledge. Teachers will help students understand the reasons for studying their subject matter and capitalize on students’ natural learning inclinations and problem-solving approaches they can use well beyond the classroom throughout their lives.




Students will learn management skills and business strategies for becoming an effective leader. Course with specially designed activities will help students explore their entrepreneurial skills, practice communicating with and empowering people and discover how to inspire team excellence.


ESL (English as Second Language)


International students will benefit from this program as it is designed for foreign language learners. Students will gain from engaging, interactive classes with a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes authentic language use in academic, business, and social contexts. This will help to prepare for success in their future career or in studies at an American college or university.


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